Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Snail Mail Love

February is the month of IncoWriMo......What is this?

It is International Correspondence Writing Month

The goal is to hand write a letter, a postcard, note or anything and send it - I mean mail it via snail mail to someone everyday in the month of February.

Sounds interesting does it not? It is always easy to send an email or text or a message via the different social media, but it is really nice and relaxing to take some time out of your busy day to sit down and write some one a handwritten letter. This one is a true win-win because you and the recipient are happy.

As you can see in this photo, I am using some Global Forever Stamps - for international mail and some limited edition forever stamps for local mailing. If there are some stamp collectors in my recipients, I am sure they will be happy.

Here is the website for InCoWriMo 2018. The signups are closed now. But you can find addresses of people who have already signed up in the address list and you can still send some one a post card or a letter. 

Who to write to - You can pick some addresses from the InCoWriMo website, or write to your friends and family. You can send a thank you note to your local congress person, or your pastor/priest or teachers. It can be anybody. Ideally, you would mail the letter, but if that person is somebody who you meet often, you can of course hand deliver the mail. 

What to write does not have to be a big deal - you can write just about anything. Write about your pet, your car, your hobbies, your town, your passion, about yourself. Write about a book you read or movie you saw - almost like a review. Tell people about your day, your week...protocol is to keep it upbeat and positive. Recipients will be happy to get a letter about almost any topic in the world. 

Ah the handwriting Dillemma - my advice is accept your handwriting for what it is, maybe writing more often will help you. Do the best you can, keep it as readable as you can and enjoy this part of letter writing too. It will help you practice your writing and give some rest from typing. 

Supplies - you hardly need anything fancy. Just any paper and pen will do. I am of course using my fountain pens and a clairefontane letter pad (which works well for fountain pens). But just a simple note on a cheap copy paper or any paper, or a store bought simple greeting card, anything will work. :)

Be unreasonable, do not give into reasons as to why you cannot do this. I firmly believe that writing forces you to focus, makes you think of things that are important to you, rekindle some of your passions/hobbies (now this might not sometimes be good on your wallet) and motivate you. I also think of it as some ME Time - relaxing and almost meditative. 

Hope to see some of you participate in InCoWriMo. And you can stick to your local country and not send anything international if you want to keep you postage costs low. 

Cheers and Happy Tuesday and happy upcoming Hump Day..

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Journey with Essential Oils

Essential Oils - It is a big thing here is USA and I had not really paid any attention to it. I am not big into jumping on these band wagons. I had seen my friend Terri use it several times. Then during my Realtor Classes, I fell sick with cold and cough and could not miss a class. So I tried Terri's Essential Oils. Basically I tried the Thieves oil (Put a few drops on my feet and rubbed my feet together and also tried RC for my breathing). It was like Miracle, where none of the medications had worked, the oils really worked for me. I was able to continue my classes without skipping a day. Terri was kind enough to make sure I had some Thieves oil for the next few day. I started feeling better right away. It took me a few more oils and few more experiments to convince me, but it did. I am now a big fan of Essential oils and very happy to have found them.

I think in our Hindu culture, we have always used Essential oils for natural health care, maybe not distilled and bottled. So, I think that I have just found my way back into roots with Essential oils. Being in oil form makes them more potent and easy to use and plus different parts of plants are used in extracting the oils improving the effectiveness.

I hope to share more of my EO experiences soon.

Thanks for stopping by,

Note: I have been mainly using Youngs Living Essential oils as that is what I got introduced to. But I have also used store bought and a few other. More on that soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zurich Travelogue - Part1

Family get together in Zurich and I could not be more happier. This is the first time I am visiting Zurich. It is somewhat similar to other European Countries. Fashion is a bit more relaxed. Jeans are okay but not with Athletic shoes :) People are quite friendly even if you do not talk German.

Very fashionable place with all the designer stores as well as tons of Watch stores. Swatch of course but many others. Watch and Milk Products are in abundance and of great quality too.

Day 1 - I walked to Zurich Lake along Bahnhofstrasse . It was a fun walk. I had some expensive coffee and desert at Sprungli Bakery. Bought a Orange/Vodaphone SIM for my phone. YAY for me. Amma and Appa landed at night.

Day 2 - We went to Lake Zurich again with Amma and Appa, but we took the train all the way. It was nice. There was Saturday Thrift market going on and it was so much fun. We then came back home, had some lunch. Rested for a bit and then we went shopping to a Desi Store called Bharkat and also to the local grocery store called Coop. Got all kind of fruits and veggies.
It started Raining, so we cancelled our evening walk and we stayed home. Great day 2 so far.

Hoping for a good weather tomorrow.

More to come. Here are some pictures...

Lake Zurich - One View

Starting point of my walk - Zürich Hauptbahnhof - Main Station

A small church on the way in the Old Town. I did not go there.

My Expensive Coffee and desert at Sprungli Bakery

Bata Shoe store on my walk

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Little Word - Perseverance

This year I decided to follow Ali Edwards "One Little Word" idea. It spoke to me and as I read her Original Post on this and all the comments, it was just something that I felt that I needed to do.

I have been following Ali Edwards for a while now and love her ideas for Project Life :) So when she posted about the One Little word, that got me thinking. There were lot of words that came to my mind like - Re-Discover, Hope, Focus etc. I was almost going to chose Hope, but my cousin told me that Hope is something you had to have all the time without which life does not go on. So, I had to rethink my choice.

So I chose the next word that I kept thinking about - "Perseverance". This seemed to best define who I want to be this year and also where I want to be with some of my goals. I need to persevere to achieve my goals and to keep moving forward.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.  ~Walter Elliott, The Spiritual Life

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.  ~Newt Gingrich
So, here is to "Perseverance" in 2011...:)

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment if you have a word for 2011, would love to hear about it.

Thanks and have a great Tuesday!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Authors on my Shelf

My friend Dee tagged me to list the 15 authors on my shelf. She said not to think too long and to list Fifteen authors (poets, and screen-writers not included) who will always stick with me.. So here we go in no specific order,

1. Georgette Heyer
2. Clive Cussler
3. Arthur Conan Doyle
4. J K Rowling
5. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
6. Ta Ra Su
7. Vasudhendra
8. Alistair MacLean
9. Paramahamsa Yogananda
10. James Herriot
11. Sidney Sheldon
12. Stephenie Meyer
13. Anton Chekov
14. Jeffery Archer
15. Sidney Sheldon

When I look at the list, I see a lot more fiction writers..but I guess I have always been a fiction reader :)

If I had some more spots, I would have loved to add Barbara Wood and Rick Riordan.

Have a good evening and it would be nice to hear your comments on this.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top 5 Classics Movies that I want to see

I was listening to this interview on NPR Radio today morning with the German director Werner Herzog and his "Rogue" Film School. He said that he required all his students to read..loved loved that part. Along with that they were also talking about the movies that he wants his students to see and that sparked of this post.

1) The Treasure of Sierra Madre - it is interesting that WH also mentioned this movie in his list, but recently we have been talking a lot about this movie at work as well. Apparently, there is a dialogue in this movie about Badges. :) So I had been wanting to see this movie and then WH mentions it as well. So, more the reason.

Link to Wikipedia to know more about this "We don't need no Stinking Badges" Dialogue.

2) Tootsie - I have always liked Dustin Hoffman. I think he is an excellent actor and I wanted to see this movie for a long time. Just never got to it :)

3) Suspicion - I have been wanting to see all of Alfred Hitchcock movies after seeing the Movie The Rear Window directed by him and the description of this movie sounds interesting.

4) The Philadelphia Story - Just because this movie has three of my favor tie actors in the cast - Cary Grant, James Stewart and Katherine Hepburn

5) SwingTime - Starring Fred Astaire. I want to see this movie because WH mentioned it in his interview and his description of the movie was so fantastic that I wanted to see it and plus it was in AFI's top 100 Movie list as well.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Story of Geometry Box and other school memories

I was admiring my friend Ning's pencil holder today and then we started talking about different kind of Pencil Boxes. Her daughter has one from China which has levels that open up when you open the lid. She also remembered the foam pencil boxes with magnet closure that could be opened on either side. If the magnet got messed up, you would have a mess of pencils and erasers in your bag.

This reminded me of my quest for "Camel Geometry" Box. During my school days we used to get two different brands of Geometry boxes - Camel and Nataraja. Geometry box is basically a Tin Pencil holder with all the tools needed for a geometry class like Set Squares, Protractor, Compass, Divider etc. You could also carry a pencil, pen or eraser in this box. Nataraja brand was slightly cheaper compared to Camel, so my Mom was like just buy that, as I had a tendency to lose things. Also this cover of this brand had a matte finish. So, I would sit in the class room bench flanked by two of my friends who would open up their shiny Camel Geometry boxes and I would open my box stealthily under the desk and not keep it on top of the desk. Thus began my saga of convincing my parents that I just could not do without the CAMEL Geometry box. :)

Top 5 Childhood school memories that arose due to the discussion on Pencil box,

1. Chalk on white canvas shoes - We used to have white uniform along with white canvas shoes for Saturdays and I always used to forget to apply white shoe polish to my canvas shoes the day before. Since these were canvas shoes, we used to get this wet white polish - the shoe had to be washed, dried and then coated with this wet polish that needed some time to dry and hence had to be applied the day before. So, to avoid getting caught in the inspection line at School, I would take white chalk and methodically cover the whole shoe, so it would look like I had applied polish to it.

2. Distributing Chocolates on your birthday - We could wear a non Uniform dress on our birthdays to School (if it fell on a school day) and we could take some "chocolates" to distribute to the whole class. It would be something inexpensive like Individually wrapped Eclairs or something like that. It was really fun.

3. Getting Autograph books signed at the end of every major school year end - Typically 7th grade, 10th grade and 12th grade. I am not even sure where my autograph books are now and what was the whole point of it. It was not like at that point we had cell phones, twitter/facebook accounts or anything. Many of us did not even have Landlines. So, it would be some sort of "you are the best friend" epithet followed by signature and lots of doodling. I cannot believe how much we used to search for the perfect Autograph book and have long discussions about whom we should ask and whom we should not ask.

4. Amarchitra Katha, Chandamama and other fun comics - I love these comics and would wait with bated breath for the release of new one. My favorites were Amar Chitra Katha, Wisdom, Tinkle and Chandamama. Chandamama used to have these series that I would be waiting for. Wisdom was perfect for all the trivia and for me to conduct quizzes for the youngsters in our neighborhood. I still remember the day when my cousins introduced me to TinTin and Asterix. Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles, thousand of thundering typhoons...Amazing.

5. Games - There were all these different games that we would play. Four Squares, Gold Spot, Crocodile can we cross the river, hopscotch and what not....Another post another time to talk more about these games.

Please share some of your school related memories....